High Altitude Organics, Inc.
Naturally Grown/Naturally Good!
Meat with integrity. We raise animals with plenty of human interaction in a manner that lets our animals express their animalness.
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Welcome to a new food atitude. Here in the High Plains near the Rocky Mountains, farming on any scale is a challenge, farming organically even more so. We battle high winds, spring snow storms, extreme temperature fluctuations and hail storms that destroy in seconds. We also battle an arid climate, grasshoppers and aphids. To combat all that we use integrated pest management, crop rotation, floating row covers, compost, supplements that feed the soil, living mulches, cover crops and forage renewal and rotational grazing. 
We are firmly committed to the ideal that everyone should have access to affordable, healthy food grown as naturally as possible.
If your goal for yourself and your family is wanting to take back control of your food sources you have come to the right place. We encourage organic and local produce, dairy, eggs and meat whenever possible. Can you make a list of every food item that is produced with a 100 mile radius of your home? Start cooking local meals one night a week, then for one week, then for one month. It is definately a challenge but it can be done. By doing so you have helped your local economy, your environment and your small family farmer. What better way to build a sustainable community?
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